Friday, May 1, 2015

My first day of Bulldog school

My first day of school was fun. I made new friends and had fun. It was very fun at school. The cafeteria was fun. I ate chicken nuggets and fruit salad and some chocolate milk at school. l

Eagle Wings

Sweet Briar Stories Presents One of its most Exiting Stories Yet!!!

Eagle Wings

By: Isabella S. Harris 
(No Alterations, True Story)
(No Joke)

     One day in mid February Vivian and I were sitting on the right dock of the Sweet Briar boathouse skipping stones across the lake. The sun would soon set and we were about to walk home on a trail in the woods behind our street. "Come on, hurry up." said Viv as she climbed the steep hill to the road. I climbed hurriedly after her and stumbled onto the trail next to her. The trail started out large and gravely but led to a small path barely visible under the fallen leaves of past falls. We jogged along it until the gravel ended. We finally got to the small path labeled BUCK and Viv took the lead. We walked for a while and talked about how sometimes Vivian and her dad would do trail rides on the trail. "How does Scooter even fit on this trail it's only about a foot wide and Scooter is wider than that", (Scooter is Viv's horse, he is about 20 years old and about a yard wide) "By a long shot but i usually ride a different horse." replied Viv. We passed some fallen logs that had been cut on the outline of the path and navigated some mud. At last we came to a fork. Left was a horse crossing and right was MABEL so we turned right and came to another fork. This time left was labeled HUNT and right was labeled MABEL. Again we took MABEL.

     We walked for about ten meters when Vivian said, "I that a feather?" I took one look ahead of me and and ran the other direction, immediately scared out of my wits of what the feather belonged to. Viv hurried to keep up as i jumped through the mud and up the hill. The feather had been about two feet wide and at least 2 1/2 feet long. We cut through the woods up to her house and burst in the door panting heavily. We hadn't had time to look at it closely but we would soon find our size estimations to be correct.

                A few days later we went back with our friend, Logan, who walked right up to it. Viv                     followed and eventually i walked up to the feather. I put my hands down, (which had been up             defensively), and joined my friends in staring at this thing on the ground, which indeed was                 about the size we had estimated, but was definitely not a feather. We stared for a long while                 before Viv found a stick and began prodding at our new discovery. "No, no, no, stop it, don't               do that i cried!" Logan stepped over it and looked at it from the other side. 

                We had found a real eagle wing in the woods. just the wing nothing else. and it was quit a             disturbing sight to behold yet you couldn't look away. Viv pushed it off to the side of the trial,             (which it had been in the middle of), and put down the stick. She got out her phone and took a             picture of it. "Ok lets keep going, the trail head isn't far off." I whimpered but followed for fear           of being left behind with whatever had done this to this bird.

               About 50 yards up the trail Vivian stopped. "What?" i asked as i tried to follow her gaze.                 She began to go into the woods and stopped after a bout 10 meters. Logan and i followed. I                 looked at the wing laying in the undergrowth. it wasn't just the wing this time. it was the body,           the body with only one wing. I wouldn't have been so creeped out by this new discovery but it             had started snowing so my vision was blurred because of the white falling out of the sky.

              Again Viv took a picture of it and proceeded up the path. Just before my house came into                 view she stopped again but this time i saw what she was looking at. it was what appeared to be           a stump covered in these beautiful white mushrooms. Viv prepared her phone before she                     noticed that they were not mushrooms, they were old broken china dishes. I began to grow                   paranoid. Not only because of the snow or broken china, but of what had killed the bird. I                   shivered as we walked through the woods towards my house.

              A few days later i was talking to my mom about the wings in the kitchen. we looked up the             natural predators of an eagle and we think that the predator in this situation might have been an           owl believe it or not. However My mom made a good point. She said that it might very well               have been a human. i hadn't thought of that.

              I thought back to my fear of what had killed the bird while i was hiking with Vivian and                   Logan. Then i thought about the possibility that it was a human. I realized that we get scared in           situations and, in my situation, can't imagine even a natural predator doing this. What crazy                 beast would do such a thing? But what we don't realize is that sometimes it might be our next             door neighbor, or anybody on your street. You might not know them personally but they are art          of the human race and so are you. As i thought i realized that i could technically be fearing                  myself.

In Conclusion, Viv and i go back to these wings often and i am very proud to show them off. We have done research but have not yet figured out what kind of bird the wings belonged to. I have learned to treat my actions carefully, monitoring if i might be considered a beast. Some people reading this have seen these wings for yourself. i encourage these people to comment below. I hope that you enjoyed our story today. If you have any suggestions just contact us at and either me or Viv will publish your story ASAP.
Thanks for reading!


Harris family pic's

Recently I was looking at our flagged iPhoto pictures and came across some memorable ones I would like to share!
Mom & Me
 Me & Em
Super excitement to the rescue!
 My cheeks are so cute and pudgy 
 This picture I remember well
Just mindin' her own business really don't know
Best...Spring Day...EVER!!!

Yeah, I'm a stay at home videogamer 

 What happens when a girl falls and no one is around to see it? Oh I'll tell ya.
We later found that Miss. Gracieloo had strep 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sorry for the Delay

I will not be able to get my newest story out until March 30th due to needed research.
Again, I am so sorry for the delay.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sweet Briar Stories & News

     Since I cannot keep up with the Monthly or the Weekly news I decided i will have an unscheduled newspaper. It will come out whenever a new story arises. Expect a new story by March 1st.
There will also be reports on holidays, about the holiday,(Skipping Presidents day since that is today). This time I will not be alone. I am hiring two new reporters.

Reporters info:

Primary reporter: Isabella S. Harris
Region: Sweet Briar College
Primary Reports: Stories & Weather
A) Reporter
B) Primary Typist
C) Editor/Publisher
Sites to get stories:
D) Microsoft Word

Secondary Reporter: Vivian M. Payne
Region: Sweet Briar College
Primary Reports: News
A) Reporter
B) Secondary Typist
Sites to get News:
C) G-mail

Primary Out of State Reporter: Grace K. Nish
Region: Denton TX
Primary Reports: Stories, News & Weather
A) Reporter
B) Primary etc. Typist
Sites to get Stories:
C) Microsoft Word
D) G-mail

Friday, September 26, 2014

a Book review on "Summer of the Monkeys"

It is a sweet book that gets five stars.
it is a non-fiction story about a boy who finds 29 monkeys in the bottoms of the Ozark hills. All summer long he is trying to catch them but everything he tries goes wrong.

I would tell you more but i would spoil it, i will tell you one thing though, he has an old hound dog named rowdy and a younger sister (twin) who has a crippled leg. enough said.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All about Meeeeee!

I am a very sweet girl. I help my mom with Emmeline. I do my chores... most of the time at the least. know here are some lists that describe me .

what I look like.

Brown hair
Brown eyes
Good taste in style
Long arms
Long legs
Pink lips
Great smile
Cute clothes


I'm guessing i wrote this when i was like 6 but... just take a look